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    Your company’s data is one of its most important assets. Faced with ever increasing threat levels, it makes sense to be thorough in the way you protect it.  And, without a robust strategy you’ll be challenged to defend your company against malicious threats.

    USTECH helps IT and business leaders to adopt an appropriate security posture that ties security to business goals, combats a widening variety of threats, and embraces emerging technologies to support the enterprise’s pursuit of new digital business opportunities.

    An intelligent security approach can help you predict and pre-empt the risk of data compromise in the form of confidentiality, integrity and availability.  We can equip you with the technology tools and methods to enable your enterprise to harness its commercial opportunity while maintaining acceptable levels of risk. 

    How We Help

  • Establish a cyber security strategy
  • Develop BYOD rules, policies and assess overall threats
  • Leverage analytics to identify security targets, patterns, network or data abnormalities
  • Implement mobile device management
  • Baseline current security level and develop a multi-year strategic plan
  • Capabilities

  • Security Audits
  • Security and Risk Management Strategic Plan development
  • Integration of Security into all Business Processes
  • Active Directory Integration and Maintenance
  • Implementation of Security Software
  • Cyber Security Challenges?  IT Project?  Need a Workforce Partner?

    Book a meeting with our advisory team to fulfil IT Services, Talent Solutions and Workforce Management on-demand.